What would you do to have a marketing strategy like the Amazon marketing strategy? In India alone, 70 percent of the population knows Amazon and most of them have made a purchase. This peaks during festive seasons. How has this been achieved?

As a layman, Amazon is the one app…

A Spread of Strength: The Amul Story

The Amul milk co-operative business started at the end of year 1946. Today — 75 years later — it continues to engage and amuse Indian consumers with its unique marketing strategy. And what would that strategy be, one may ask? Well it’s just the Amul marketing strategy. A marketing strategy…

It gives you what you need- engagement!

Instagram is currently the most popular social media app on a global level. The most favoured social network currently has 1.074 billion users*. It has been the go-to for young adults, ever since its inception in 2002.

Why does Instagram work? What makes its reach to a billion people not only possible but also effective?

Digital marketing debate around this is…

Mostly Millions: An Instagram Influencer Case Study

Social media would hardly be the same if it wasn’t for digital creators flexing their creative muscles through the day. It’s the memes, reels, videos and all of that that’s making platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter entertaining.

Entertaining 4 million followers and counting is Mumbai-based brand Mostly Sane. Not…

Facebook Case Study — Heart & Soil: Travelling for Pleasure and Purpose

Facebook is a place which has given so many brands their spots under the sun. It has also given so many causes a stage to speak from. As many as there are consumerist brands, there are brands that are working towards causes that champion greater common good.

From gender rights…

5 ways of generating leads that a B2B startup must explore!

Nurturing a B2B startup is quite different from one that speaks to consumers directly. Lead generation, therefore, needs a definite thought process and structured action. While referrals and recommendations from well-wishers, ex colleagues and ex-customers provide the ignition fuel for your business, you may need to add some more fuel…

Prime Yourself in the Pursuit of PR for your Brand

As a fledgling startup, spreading the word is perhaps always on top of your mind. Your friends and well-wishers, acquaintances in the industry are your first carriers who take your message to the world. But how do you go beyond that?

They call it Public Relations (PR) — a science…

5 Ways LinkedIn can create impact for your brand in 2021

Emerging as one of the most impactful social media platforms, LinkedIn has become the most relevant channel for B2B marketers and brands. Organizations have recognized its effectiveness to create engagement in the professional space. They now look at LinkedIn marketing as the go-to for their products, policies and personnel.

These top-5 benefits of LinkedIn in 2021 can help your company stay impactful on this platform:

It’s Free


Don’t be. Here’s how smart family businesses are making the leap into the digital marketing world.

HEM spread its incense across the world during lockdown: A digital makeover story

What is Hem Incense about?

HEM, as a brand, is world-renowned for producing and exporting perfumed incense. An award‑winning incense producer, it has over 400 fragrance varieties available in 70 or more countries worldwide. …

How a Market Research Agency May Aid Your Business

If you’re considering hiring a market research agency, then you’re about to make a wise investment that would most likely provide significant advantages to your business.

A market research agency may develop, conduct, and analyze customized market research for your business and provide the critical data and pointers, allowing you…

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