1. 50% of these projects were about generating sales leads, improving sales processes or setting up outsourced teams
  2. 40% were about identifying new consumer segments, refreshing the brand/packaging, engaging PR agencies and creating digital campaigns
  1. The emergence of a new generation of entrepreneurs within these family-owned companies — 72% of projects from SMEs were front-ended by a third-generation entrepreneur, often coming in with exposure to different global markets, a different level of education, ambition and curiosity
  2. Brands are becoming important — Every business is realizing the importance of differentiation and creating a unique space for themselves. No business is believed to be a commodity business anymore.
  3. Outsourcing is no longer a bad word. Owners are beginning to ‘let go’ and accept that new technology in the hands of new, young customers and decision-makers — calling for a whole new way of consumer engagement. This applies to both — Marketing and Sales, and Distribution effort. The language of the organization has to change — Quickly. And often, the best way to do this is to rely on experts.
  • The SME client spends 35% more time speaking to his shortlisted service providers than startups or MNCs.
  • He seeks the most information and spends 15% more time looking through vendor profiles, case studies, and testimonials.
  • And is the most engaging in terms of demanding 40% more interactions with his service providers than any other client group.



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Venkatesh Rangachari

Venkatesh Rangachari


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