The Oxford Dictionary has a more thought provoking definition:

Content Marketing is a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services.

  • Simply put, when done right, content marketing has a great ROI. And when developed thoughtfully, unlike other transient forms of digital marketing like PPC, content marketing can deliver for your business over the long-term.
  • Good content generates a positive brand perception — Content helps your audience when it needs information. Good content allows the audience to trust you. A people tend to do business with brands they trust.
  • Good content educates the market about your products and services. And about how you can solve their problems. Better than anyone else.
  • Content Marketing can help your audience make decisions about purchase and if done right, in a trustworthy manner, it can move your audience through the entire buying journey.
  • Besides this, content in social media has immense longevity, which means it can generate results and consumer connect for a long time. This also makes the content a company asset and mostly its value increases over time.
  • If you offer relevant and usable content to your clients, you’ll keep them for more time on your base, and increase Life Time Value.
  • The right content will give them confidence that your brand keeps thinking about how to help them solve their problems, even after they closed the deal.

So how do we go about building the right content?

Develop a Content Marketing Plan

Spend time on creating a roadmap. It’s no point sharing the same information again and again. The audience evolves, their needs evolve. As an authority on the topic, the brand has to help the customer on a journey- where they also continuously learn from the brand. Today it may be awareness of a new category your brand has launched. Tomorrow it could be about how to choose the right product from your portfolio. Or how to choose among a competing set of products. Or about new products you are introducing.

  • Create a style
  • Promote:
  • Measure
  • Collaborate:


Content is a very powerful way for a brand to engage, educate and entertain its audience. These are the three pillars on which long term brand associations are built with the audience. In order to know more about how to use Content Marketing to build differentiation for your brand, visit us on



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