• Brands seem to have taken this whole ‘purpose’ thing too far. Every brand wants to stand for something noble. I don’t mean on the CSR front. I mean specifically on the advertising side of things. What do you think has lead to this wave? Is it a good trend? Or is there some such thing as too much purpose?
  • What are the top 3 dos and dont’s of this kind of advertising? If they must go down this path, what should brands and agencies keep in mind?
  • Lastly, whatever the hell happened to good ol’ hard sell?
  1. Gillette: The best a man can get. Very clear and precise purpose to give men the best shaving experience. Consistently maintained over time with technology driving the product features. Not claiming any social upliftment, but that’s ok. Its still a good enough brand purpose to focus the company.
  2. Apple: cool design/ easy to use products and services is a great brand purpose.
  3. BMW: Ultimate driving machine. Again, a desirable brand purpose.



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Venkatesh Rangachari

Venkatesh Rangachari


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