How young brands grow- The Cars24 story

Cars 24 Marketing Strategy: Driving in Success

In India, the buying and selling of used cars has been a hassling experience. It’s been an experience lined with mistrust, unpleasant deals and bitter discussions, until Cars24 arrived on the scene. This unique C2B platform turned the entire trading of used cars on its axle, giving Indian car buyers fewer reasons to look back in rear view mirrors.

Filling a huge gap between existing car owners and aspiring buyers, Cars24 makes the best use of technology to address a human need. The COVID-19 pandemic increased the demand for self-owned cars, as public transport became a potential threat for daily commute. Yet, the financial troubles of the average Indian buyer made brand new purchases overwhelming.

With its transparent processes, market knowhow and the availability of well-maintained pre-owned cars for every budget, Cars24 answered many questions. Questions from over 35 Indian cities.

Check out some key business and marketing tactics that make the Cars24 story a success story.




Moment & Millennial Marketing

Much of Cars24’s success comes from a unique idea being taken far ahead with strategic planning, marketing and investment moves. It has opened paths for more innovative startups, especially in the auto and commutability segment.

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