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Mostly Millions: An Instagram Influencer Case Study

Mostly Sane, Usually Mad

Everyday madness, nuances and quirks are the elements that Mostly Sane picks and crafts into her posts. She goes from jibes within and at her sporting family members to creating hilarious memes on special occasions. Her brand of humour is clean, relatable and very un-gendered. That creates a win-win when the scene seems dotted with over-the-top feminist agendas. Mostly Sane makes her feminist point when required but always is a unpolitical and mostly personal way.

Moments Sane and Sensible Too

Mostly Sane created many opportunities for Prajakta to make more than everyday humour doses. She has gone on to bag several speaker opportunities at India’s best college campuses, conferences and changemaker platforms. She has created inspiration for the youth.

or Creators for Change on Girls’ Education with Michelle Obama.

Mostly Local, Mostly Global

Influencers don’t gain their infuence overnight and Prajakta Koli has proven that. It’s been a journey of over six years that has created this status for her. Believing in herself and keeping it genuine is what has got her to collborate with the like-minded Instagram elite and brands.

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