How should a young company that is starting on social media, use and exploit digital marketing? We ask ourselves this question in response to the uncertainty we see when young companies begin their journey on digital marketing.

As a platform for working with marketing agencies, our clients are mostly Small and Medium enterprises looking to grow quickly. And uncertain about the whole field of marketing, let along digital marketing.

  • What will be the effectiveness?
  • What are the right spends?
  • How do I track and control my expenses?
  • Will my agency walk with me?

These and similar questions are what they grapple with. And a platform like GroCurv provides a transparent and reliable way to find answers.

Our agencies for example, are happy to offer a one month trial and a 7 day exit clause if the marketing engagement does not go to plan.

Agencies work with minimal media spends, often as low as INR 500 per day as they explore the effectiveness of campaigns with the client.

Agencies interact daily with clients, but have a weekly call where they share performance, learnings and improvement areas. They take the client through the Facebook campaign reports, through the Google analytics dashboards in order to explain every aspect of their results in detail.

Which KPIs are getting affected and which need improvement. In this process, through complete transparency, the client begins to understand the approach of social media marketing, step by step. And how much progress the brand is making both in terms of equity and revenue revenues.

This is the handholding and reassurance our processes have established for the client to take small steps before accelerating his investments and growth. A platform like GroCurv which provides transparency, facilitate such confidence building on both sides.

Over 80% of clients that have taken digital marketing services from us, are doing so for the first time. As part of this journey of learning, discovery and exploration — a whole new generation of SMEs are entering the digital age. This has been one of our biggest successes.

Along with our partner agencies, GroCurv has established that trust can be developed between young clients and agencies. That results can be visibly seen. That payments flow smoothly between SMB clients and SMB Agencies.

As India moves towards its goal of a USD 5 Trillion economy, GroCurv and its business processes are facilitating a whole generation of SMEs to find new tools and strategies to grow.


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