Learn Marketing from the history of Cult Brands

A Spread of Strength: The Amul Story

The Amul milk co-operative business started at the end of year 1946. Today — 75 years later — it continues to engage and amuse Indian consumers with its unique marketing strategy. And what would that strategy be, one may ask? Well it’s just the Amul marketing strategy. A marketing strategy that is simple, straightforward and yet profoundly impactful. One that has now embraced the digital marketing strategies of the best brands in the world.

The impact is not only in terms of branding and product recall but also in sales and revenue. Till date, the single line “The Taste of India” establishes brand as well as each product’s appeal — an entire range of dairy products that’s of the Indians, by the Indians and for the Indians. Direct connect, long-lasting connect: that’s the Amul marketing strategy.

For any small business, it’s always a good idea to study the small steps that go into making a hugely successful marketing plan. Here are 4 key elements of the marketing mix of Amul that can help you understand how to strategize one for your own business. Notice that these elements include offline , print and social media. Ensuring your offline and digital marketing strategies work hand in hand is always a good idea.

Placement and Branding:

Product Portfolio

Product Pricing

Advertising and Digital Marketing

Yet, Amul is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest-ever running ad campaign. With creatively executed hoardings, the Amul Girl tickles the mind with tongue-in-cheek ads that melt butter and current affairs. These topical ads are also going viral on social media like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as generations Like and Follow a beloved household brand. Amul’s popularity on social media is admirable — 326K Insta followers and counting. Amul is also known to take customer connect and care via social media very seriously.

With a growth rate of 30% and market share of 86%, Amul is a brand to study and imbibe for any entrepreneur. It has created an iconic marketing strategy its own that can truly be called “Utterly, Butterly Delicious”!

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