Scale of Growth = Speed of growth* Standardisation of activities * Cost.

How can we create standardisation at speed, and the lowest cost in order for a brand to set up channels of acquisition across the country, and indeed, across the globe.

  1. Point of sales collaterals in local languages. With local contextualisation.
  2. Store branding
  3. On-ground activation at markets/ bazaars/ schools/ malls.
  4. Social media campaigns that would have to be translated/ developed in local languages. Say 10–15 creatives a month per store.
  5. Performance marketing ads in vernacular. Say 2 ads per month per store.
  • time to find these agencies
  • validating their credentials and capabilities and
  • standardisation in terms of their delivery
  • coordinating execution across these multiple agencies

Enter GroCurv.

  • These are small agencies, hungry for work and with talent that meets the best in the business.
  • And their presence across hundreds of cities in the country means they are best suited to ensure localisation of campaigns for each city, language, cultural nuance.
  • They are all curated and validated to a certain quality of work, so standardisation of quality is solved.

So if you’re thinking of driving customers to your franchisees/ or your owned stores across the country or channel partners; and are stuck because your agency doesn’t have the reach; and cant standardise across the country, think



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Venkatesh Rangachari

Venkatesh Rangachari

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