5 ways of generating leads that a B2B startup must explore!

Nurturing a B2B startup is quite different from one that speaks to consumers directly. Lead generation, therefore, needs a definite thought process and structured action. While referrals and recommendations from well-wishers, ex colleagues and ex-customers provide the ignition fuel for your business, you may need to add some more fuel to keep your lead generation engine chugging. Here are a few methods that are known to work:

Leverage LinkedIn

This may not seem new to you but is nevertheless important. Create a polished LinkedIn profile, neatly addressing your viewer, right from your cover image to recommendations. Add everyone you know to your…

Prime Yourself in the Pursuit of PR for your Brand

As a fledgling startup, spreading the word is perhaps always on top of your mind. Your friends and well-wishers, acquaintances in the industry are your first carriers who take your message to the world. But how do you go beyond that?

They call it Public Relations (PR) — a science and art of consciously engaging with your relevant stakeholders in meaningful ways, such that this relationship is a stable one. PR is about creating a resonance in the minds of people who you want to engage with — could be your potential customers, investors, employees, and others. …

5 Ways LinkedIn can create impact for your brand in 2021

Emerging as one of the most impactful social media platforms, LinkedIn has become the most relevant channel for B2B marketers and brands. Organizations have recognized its effectiveness to create engagement in the professional space. They now look at LinkedIn marketing as the go-to for their products, policies and personnel.

These top-5 benefits of LinkedIn in 2021 can help your company stay impactful on this platform:

It’s Free

What better than a zero-cost platform that helps you connect industry-wide and worldwide? Like any other social media, LinkedIn stays free of charge for basic accounts. It’s as simple as starting your account and beginning to share posts. For startups, staying on LinkedIn with a well-written profile and sharing posts that…

Don’t be. Here’s how smart family businesses are making the leap into the digital marketing world.

HEM spread its incense across the world during lockdown: A digital makeover story

What is Hem Incense about?

HEM, as a brand, is world-renowned for producing and exporting perfumed incense. An award‑winning incense producer, it has over 400 fragrance varieties available in 70 or more countries worldwide. Apart from incense, it has a rich catalog of products: air fresheners, candles, cones, essential and aroma oils, among others.

On its glorious path to be a global leader among incense producers, HEM bagged accolades and awards aplenty. From 2008 to 2011, the company bagged the ‘Top Export Award for Agarbatties as Handicrafts,’ awarded by…

How a Market Research Agency May Aid Your Business

If you’re considering hiring a market research agency, then you’re about to make a wise investment that would most likely provide significant advantages to your business.

A market research agency may develop, conduct, and analyze customized market research for your business and provide the critical data and pointers, allowing you to make strategic decisions based on facts. Furthermore, they’ll ensure that the feedback you receive and the conclusions you draw are completely objective. So, let’s dig a little deeper and explore what a market research firm can possibly bring to the table for your business.

Feasibility Research

Facebook has founded fame for many brands in the digital marketing space. It has been the birthplace of brands, the solace of solo-preneurs. When the traditional marketing and promotional media have proved to be too expensive or too inaccessible for startups and innovators, Facebook has been the space that gave the small voices a loud amplifier. Social media marketing’s biggest Like is for Facebook.

Facebook For this Food Startup

One of the most successful categories of business on digital marketing has to be that of food. From home-chefs to home-bakers, small eateries and sommeliers, recipe promoters, food reviewers or diet consultants, there’s a slice of…

One of the mainstays of digital marketing is the illustration of content. What are we talking about? Images, images and more images. Social media posts that are led by well-shot, meaningful images are more likely to be noticed. They are most likely to get engagement in the form of Likes, Comments or Followers. Instagram took off as the most popular social media because it was essentially an image-centric digital marketing medium.

Instagram has helped thousands of start-ups to build businesses and network via the magic of images. A single pic of a product gets the message across immediately and effectively…

One of the heroes of successful digital marketing is SEO: Search Engine Optimization. In fact, it takes center stage in the digital marketing Hall of Fame.

Why does SEO get this spotlight?

Simple — it’s the game changer for marketing to convert to sales. After promoting and publicizing your brand, SEO creates conversions and directly impacts your return on investment.

Search Engine Optimization is defined as ‘the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines.’ (Source — Wikipedia)

Google being the most-used search engine we know, SEO helps a brand to improve its Google…

Try typing “bruised passports” in your search bar. You are immediately hit with a drop down of suggested terms — which is a mind-boggling list of global destinations. From Sikkim to Sydney, this brand is know-it-all in global travel. And a know-it-all who’s there because it has done it all. With over a decade of digital marketing best practices under its camera belt, Brusied Passports is a great case study in successfully using a platform like Facebook to build a brand.

What is Bruised Passports?

What started as the online chronicles of a travelling Indian couple — Savi and Vid — is a go-to…

The market research industry has seen a steady rise in the US and Europe over the past few years. Today, market research agencies are widely popular in the Asian market. They help businesses plan, strategize and undertake qualitative and quantitative market research activities in the form of surveys, interviews and focus groups, to make relevant information handy. This enables companies to use the evidence to make strategic choices to increase overall profitability.

Market research agencies ultimately help businesses by putting the collected data into action. Some activities conducted by market research agencies include:

  • Conducting surveys
  • Conducting interviews
  • Facilitating focus groups…

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