Sparkling on Instagram, the #jeweleryAnu way.

A constant question on the GroCurv platform is “how to grow on Instagram”.

A simple answer would be…. “ treat it like its Instagram. Not like it’s your blog in pictures. Not like its another place to put your facebook creatives”.

But given how…

As technology evolves, and people become more comfortable with digital media, the next frontier will be the rise of Marketplaces for Services businesses. Traditionally thought to be high touch workflows, technology is allowing for significant disruption in the way TRUST, TRANSPARENCY and RELIABILITY is being created in high value transactions.

A Spread of Strength: The Amul Story

The Amul milk co-operative business started at the end of year 1946. Today — 75 years later — it continues to engage and amuse Indian consumers with its unique marketing strategy. And what would that strategy be, one may ask? Well it’s just the Amul marketing strategy. A marketing strategy…

Venkatesh Rangachari

Co-Founder, A marketplace for Professional Services. Making procurement Quick, Transparent, Reliable.

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